Plastic Packaging Corporation is a Leading Manufacturer
of High Quality Injection-Molded Plastic Containers Since 1954


Injection-molded polyethylene and polypropylene containers and lids are ideal for packaging and merchandising fresh, frozen, hot, or cold foods. Unlike paper and foam products, Plastic Packaging Corp. containers give customers a clear view of what's inside, while leaving foods free of any aftertaste.

Hot and Cold Takeout

Value Line offers attractive, quality plastic packaging at competitive prices. Perfect for pasta, rice, olives, and other acidic or oily foods - any hot or cold foods that require lock-tight, leak-proof containers for safe, reliable take-out.

Food Processing

For many in today's competitive food industry, the only choice is Plastic Packaging Corp.'s Food Processing Tubs and Containers. The reasons are simple. We offer a complete line of attractive, durable, high-performing tubs and containers that lock in freshness and lock out leakage from freezer to microwave.

Hot Soup to Go

Our entire line of Gourmet Food and Hot Soup Containers is made from clean, clear polypropylene plastic - which means customers enjoy only the delectable tastes of the hot foods you put in, and nothing else. And our leak-free design ensures safe, convenient transport from store to final destination.

Tamper Resistant

Convenient break tabs keep food fresh and safe from tampering until the consumer wants it out. Safety is paramount when it comes to delivering food to a customer's table.

Non-Food Applications

From toys and games to small clothing items, we have produced containers for: casinos, paint mixing cups, fashion accessories, hair products, ice buckets, toys and pet food. Put your imagination to work.

The Bayonnais Peanut Butter Project

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