Plastic Packaging Corp's Hot Soup Containers - The High Quality, Reliable Alternative to Paper Containers

Hot soups and other savory foods can be tastefully and effectively packaged for easy transport and storage in Plastic Packaging Corp.'s polypropylene containers. While getting hot soup to its final destination is the most important factor for the end user, our Hot Soup Containers provide attractive presentation and name recognition for your business. Use either our stock design or your own custom design to further enhance your product and promote your company name.

Our entire line of Gourmet Food and Hot Soup Containers is made from clean, clear polypropylene plastic – which means customers enjoy only the delectable tastes of the hot foods you put in, and nothing else. And our leak-free design ensures safe, convenient transport from store to final destination. Plastic Packaging Corp.'s attractive Gourmet Food and Hot Soup Containers can also be used to prepackage and merchandise foods in freezer and refrigerator cases, and can go directly from freezer to the microwave.

Plastic Packaging Corporation's
Gourmet Food and Hot Soup Containers are:

  • attractive and highly durable
  • completely customizable
  • leak free with tight lid seals
  • available in 8, 12, 16, & 32 oz.
  • re-usable and dishwasher/microwave safe
  • recyclable
  • wide-mouth cups for easier filling and less spillage
  • universal lid

Customized Containers -
Keeping Your Name Fresh in Customers' Minds

Create a lasting impression with your customers - and maintain a strong brand image - by customizing your Plastic Packaging Corp. containers. Using state-of-the-art, six-color printing technology, we can create dynamic, distinctive packaging that works overtime to promote your store's identity. Whether you already have an established look, or need help creating a unique design, we can work with your to develop packaging that does the job and gets you the name recognition you want. (Custom design minimum quantities: 25,000 containers, 10,000 lids.)

Gourmet Food and Hot Soup Stock Design Containers -
Take-Away Packaging, Ready to Go

No matter what type of food you sell, there's a Plastic Packaging Corp. container to fit your needs. Choose from our popular selection of attractive stock containers – available in a wide range of styles and sizes - ready whenever and wherever you need them. (Stock designs available in combo packs of 250 containers and 250 lids, or in bulk.)

Plastic Packaging Corporation -
We've Got It All Wrapped Up

Superior quality plastic containers and universal lids. A full selection of designs and sizes. Extensive customization options. Friendly, responsive customer service. And a national reputation for providing reliable, high-performance products. These are just some of the many outstanding qualities we offer. Find out how we can become the one-stop shop for all your container needs. Contact us today. We look forward to serving you.


Attractive Presentation

Custom color-match containers and lids. Polypropylene available in white and clear (stock)
Variety of Sizes
Available in 8, 12, 16 and 32 oz. sizes
Microwave Safe
Ideal for food re-heating
Clear Cup (available)
Easy content identification. Saves time during high traffic times.
Re-usable and Dishwasher Safe
Increased end-user satisfaction.
Tight Lid Seal
Leak-free containers ensure safe transport for customer; reduced waste for store.
Allows for safe stacking during transport; compact storage; and easy de-nesting.
Stock Designs
Readily available to meet immediate demands. Enhances product appeal.
Custom Print
Keeps your name in front of your customer longer.
Injection Molded Polypropylene
Sturdy package. No paper/foam aftertaste.
Environmentally sound Polypropylene.
Universal Lid One size fits all. Less inventory; greater ease-of-use. Fits 8, 12, 16 and 32 oz. Made from Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE); available in flush and recessed designs.

Description Case Pack Case Cube Case Weight
GFHS Stock Design Item #
(Pictured Above)
Veggie Stock Design Item #
(Pictured Above)
 8 oz. 250 cups/250 lids  2.12 15 0000777 0001825
12 oz. 250 cups/250 lids  2.40 19 0000774 0001829
16 oz. 250 cups/250 lids  3.65 21 0000775 0001826
32 oz. 250 cups/250 lids  5.00 30 0000776 0001827
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